Friday, June 5, 2015

Mother Nature's Apprentice

When January rolled around this year, I decided to make a few New Year's resolutions. I wanted to make one that I would really stick to the entire year. I didn't want to give up on it halfway through the year like I may or may not do with other goals. I didn't want it to be a hard goal, just something simple and worthwhile. I decided to devote a half an hour to an hour observing nature. Sounds simple right? I work in nature all day long! I have come to realize that being in nature and being part of nature are two different things. I'm always working in nature but sometimes I'm too busy to notice the things around me. I think that I miss out on a lot of things because I'm not paying attention. That was what my New Year's resolution was all about, being more observant. Before my grandmother passed away she gave me a nature diary. Just a small book with a few lines to write down something that I've observed each day in nature. There is also a lot of information about what is going on in nature during that particular month or season so it gives you something to look forward to observing. Well, I think my nature observation skills are starting to pay off! Each day at work I have been watching the birds and their habits. There a lot of different species that live around the greenhouses. I have noticed different types of swallows, killdeer, starlings, magpies, and of course the robins, pigeons, mourning doves, and occasional owl and small falcon. I have gotten to know all of their different sounds and tunes. I have watched them feed on different things and know where they tend to hang out during different hours of the day. I have even watched them akwardly show off for a mate. It has become a fun thing to watch them and know what they are up to. I think I've always taken for granted the song of a robin and the weird habits of the magpies. Now all their sounds are starting to make sense and I almost feel like I am part of a secret club! Today I overheard a crazy cry from a frantic killdeer. It was flying overhead at a very fast pace and going in circles. It was something I haven't seen before. I watched it circle several times, then land on the ground by its nest. It was then I noticed that a truck was threatening to run over its nest. It had gotten too close for the birds comfort and of course the driver hadn't been able to see the nest or the eggs that were camouflaged. I directed the truck away from the nest and the killdeer calmed down and went back to its less frantic noise making. I felt awesome that my nature observations saved the day! Nature is so awesome! God truly loves us because he gave us so many awesome things! I am trying to be a good steward of the earth. I find so many more things fascinating! I have made daily observations on the strawberries growing in my garden and have watched them grow from just a blossom. Today was my first harvest and you know, the fruit tastes sweeter now that I know all of the work that goes into producing it! All these years I have let nature just run its course without thinking much about it, how much awesomeness I have missed out on!! As an official, self proclaimed apprentice to Mother Nature, I promise to continue my commune with nature and to continue to find something to marvel at every day in my surroundings. Nature's rad, get out there and enjoy it!

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Brooke said...

What an awesome resolution! You're inspiring!