Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Gypsies

People are so interesting, don't you think? We are all like walking books. We all have stories. We all live such unique lives. I am always so curious about people. I love to silently study people and try to figure out anything I can about them from simple observation. I am sure I am wrong 50% of the time but it keeps my life interesting to guess none the less. I love foreigners the most. I feel like they have longer stories and with more drama, if they actually were books, in my world they would be the best sellers! They have lived their lives outside of my little realm and I find that fascinating. I have not met a group of foreigners that haven't sparked my curiosity. This past week was The Eastern Idaho State Fair, a people watchers heaven! Oh, and it did not disappoint! For the most part though, most of the people who attend the fair come from the surrounding areas so they are pretty much the normal sight in my day to day. There aren't many foreigners, unless of course, you happen to stop by the gypsy booth. You know the booth, even if you haven't seen it, it is the one with the banners promoting palm reading and tarot cards and the sound of bells and chimes is heard when the wind blows and there are a lot of long haired woman with scarves wrapped around their long skirts or tied up in their hair. These are the real gypsies, not the ones that call themselves gypsies because their parents gave them the name Willow and they have a fairy tattoo. Real ones! I like gypsies. They have an interesting history. Not all of it is pleasant, but they are still interesting. My beliefs and their beliefs don't jive at all, but I still respect their customs and ways. My friends have a booth at the fair and it just happens to be right next to the gypsies and every year it has been a custom of ours to buy a spell stone from them. It is all in fun and because I know that travelling fair gigs can't make anyone a millionaire, I don't mind giving them a dollar for the stone. Essentially, what a spell stone is, is a small glass rock with a hand painted symbol on it with a bit of glitter to make it sparkle. There are many symbols and they all have a bit of an explanation. What the gypsy asks you to do, after she has separated you from your dollar, is to close your eyes and think happy thoughts and reach into their giant purple, velvet bag, pull out the stone that you feel comfortable grabbing and hand it to the gypsy and she will tell you what it means and how it applies to your life. I realize it is all in fun and I would never use it as a gauge in which to live my life, that being said, I had to chuckle when I pulled out my stone and handed it to the reader. I had pulled the footprint symbol, the traveler. I immediately started to smile and chuckle to myself as she began to tell me that in a very short time I would be taking a trip, a vacation. But unlike other vacations, this was more of a vacation for learning rather than for fun. She told me that I would be safe and have a very unique experience and that the things I would learn would affect other people. Crazy! How did she know I would be heading for Denmark in a little over two weeks? I had to give her some props and we chatted about my upcoming trip. I told her that I was hoping to do some genealogy while I was there because that is something important not only for my family records but for the individuals that need their work done here on earth. She was very curious about what I was saying. I also told her about how I would be seeing my very first up close mummy at the University of Lund in Sweden and learning about the herbs used in his preservation. After talking to her, I actually think that her accurate reading of my stone even surprised her! It was nice to be able to share a bit of my beliefs with her and she share her customs with me, we were on mutual ground. A simple Idahoan and a gypsy. It just goes to show that we are all brothers and sister and we all are all bonded together, if by nothing else, by our Creator. That experience gave me something to think about and hopefully it did the same for her. I am excited for my trip and despite being told that it will be a safe trip, I will continue praying that it will be so, just in case!

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