Sunday, November 22, 2015


Isn't this quote the best? My friend Viki shared it with me a month or more ago and it has been on my mind ever since. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is about it but it really does strike up my heart strings! This year I have spent a bit more of my free time getting to know some of my ancestors through genealogy on family search and copies of their written histories. In one of my previous blog posts I shared a funny story that I had found about my fifth great grandmother and her "dancing cat". I am finding little stories about the lives of my family members that highlight their hard work, their wonderful sense of humor, their dedication to their faith, and their fierce love and devotion for one another. There are thousands of branches in my family tree! Like this quote states: I literally am the product of the love of thousands. I love this time of the years and I love this week especially, the week of Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful time to be together with my family and let them know of my love for them. Coming from a big family, there is always lots of love to go around. I love, and am so thankful for all of my 26 nieces and nephews. I hope they can feel the love of those who have come before them and I hope that they, someday are able to pass that love on. There is much gratitude in my heart and I believe that love it its driving force. Love was present in the very beginning of time when a God loved us so, He sent His son to be the Redeemer of all mankind. It was out of the love for His brothers a sisters that a sinless man went about doing His fathers will and was despised for it. He never, not for a second, stopped loving those that were His accusers. I am the product of His love also. Although I know that my love never can or ever will match His, I pray that my love will never run out. That I can be mindful to the sufferings of my brothers and sisters, here, and around the world and have the love and compassion needed to help ease their suffering rather than inflict more pain with my lack of understanding of their unique situations. I am thankful to be who I am, I am grateful for the knowledge of my potential, being the daughter of a divine father that loves me. Love.
It is all about love.
Love without end.

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